Rebekka Hausmann
KD—Lounge is a lecture series about graphic design organized by 4 students in Konstanz. It is financed through the sale of merchandise. I took part in 3 seasons which we thoroughly advertised throughout various media.
The glass ceiling is a metaphor for the social barrier preventing women from being promoted to leadership positions. This newspaper gives an in-depth overview of gender equality in the labor market of 29 countries.
My typographic playground allows me to experiment freely with type design. Whether I work with a pen on paper or in glyphs, the focus on details and beautiful curves fills me with joy. I’m excited to expand my skills in this field. For a closer look and further information please click on the pictures or go to "Single-View".
Visibility of women in business, politics, media, history, and culture: Each of these 5 fields are explained using 2 articles from different perspectives. All texts communicate with each other thanks to the big keywords.
“From Hamburg with Love” is a liquid stream of consciousness about creative growth and the power of visualization. You could also call it my internship report.
ffi is a platform for underrepresented positions in the fashion industry. ffi (for further information) and an attached post code refer linguistically to places and thus the communities from which the projects originate.